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After a long blogging absence, created by Facebook and apathy, your heroine has returned. She has also become a journalism major, so be prepared for pretentious drivel. Huzzah!

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Things I Learned From Herbal Medicine Books

#12:  Do not mess with anything in the wild that looks like carrot greens. It’s probably a form of hemlock.


I do not tell you that I am autistic* for your pity. I don’t need another person looking at me with motherly concern, allowing an “awww” to escape their downturned lips. I don’t tell you I’m autistic because I want you to pray for me. While, when I’m in a “nice” mood, I can appreciate the sentiment, I don’t appreciate the presumption that I’m of the same religion you are. Or of any religion, really. 

I tell you I’m autistic because it’s relevant to the conversation we’re having. I don’t just blurt it out indiscriminately. I tell you because it explains an action I’ve just performed, like flapping my hands when I get overwhelmed, or freaking out when I feel out of control. 

I don’t tell you so that you can tell me about your sister’s friend’s brother’s child who’s autistic and how horrible it is and how I don’t look autistic and couldn’t possibly be because… y’know… I’m functional.

Sometimes I tell you because you’re too damn nosy and ask prying questions about why I’m working at a Hotel when, obviously, I should be going to University since I live in a University town and all. Don’t mind the fact that you don’t know me, just assume I haven’t already gone and have found it to be painful and horrible and too expensive to boot. Don’t mind the fact that I’m quite happy and competent in my job, and overnight shifts work well for me. Oh, and speaking of, feel free to tell me that overnight shifts suck, and look at me funny and continue to question me when I tell you it’s ok, it’s my job and I’m a night owl anyway. (And then flirt with me, because only slutty girls would be working overnight shifts and they have to be attracted to every guy that walks by.)

So please, accept what I tell you at face value, and keep your pity and prayers quiet. Save them for someone who wants them. Accept me for who I am and what I do, and quit telling me I need to be someone different because it’s what *you* expect. Maybe then I won’t have to tell you I’m autistic.

*I have Asperger’s Syndrome. Apparently not typical in females, and presents itself differently than it does in males, so no one believes me.

Some People…

Wow. Just clicked through to a story on the BBC about an unlicensed “nasal spray tan” that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has said is illegal to sell in the UK, and they’re advising consumers "Don’t use this product, throw it away if you have already bought it and don’t buy any more."

There’s no proof that it works, or really any indication as to what it does or how it’s supposed to work. You spray it up  your nose twice a day for two weeks, and somehow you tan. There’s no ingredients list on the bottle, but the website for Ubertan says it contains an “all natural extract” from the Indian Coleus plant.

If I had any interest in tanning and was looking at this product, I’d have run from it by now. Especially after such pointed government warnings. But then there’s this woman…

Nicole bought Ubertan from her local tanning salon. She is worried about the contents but will continue to use it until there’s proof that it is unsafe.

"I didn’t know anything about it when I first took it, so I wasn’t worried at all. I didn’t even think about it really," she admitted. "This is the best tan I have had."

Really. Not knowing anything about it makes you not worry? That seems… counterintuitive, to say the least. And now that you do know something about it, you’re still going to wait until there’s absolute proof it might kill you? Nicole described the side effects earlier in the article:

"You feel a bit dizzy and you get a head rush like you’ve had your first cigarette of the day," she said.  "I started to feel sick, but it wore off after two hours."

But yeah, she’s gonna go ahead and keep using it. Have fun with that.

(Source: BBC)

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Bloaty Eat Too Many Pizzas…

Random Invader Zim moment there. Sorry.

I’ve hopped on the Google+ bandwagon. I’ve inadvertently abandoned my little baby tumblr in the process.  I’ll probably still use this for long ramblings, but G+ really works well with my usual stream of thought process. Just have to figure out how to connect this to that and then everyone can be force fed my insanity! yay!!

Advice Goddess: How much longer must we be subjected to invasive TSA patdowns? http://t.co/8G44TYM Ugh. I never want to travel again…

RT @warrenellis: The cost of the GREEN LANTERN film could have paid for the ten sequels to MACHETE I eagerly, sadly await.

Ooooh, just gave a non-local directions through P-county. Poor guy. Have fun finding Reedsville…

Struck with the desire to become a notary public. Also, is there a great demand for personal writers anymore? Because I could so do that.